Learn about McAfee’s Re-Launched High-quality Online Safety Program for Kids

Nowadays, online safety has become a major concern for everyone, be it a CEO of a big enterprise or a government employee or a small kid or the old grandparents. The evidence to our saying is - the participation of near about 130 countries in the task of raising awareness & working to create a safer digital world executed on the ‘Safer InternetDay’.    


This proud movement which is officially sponsored by McAfee reminds that building a better and safer internet is a serious responsibility not only for their developers but also for each one of us. And this specified responsibility is the reason that makes McAfee participate in the activities of ‘Safer Internet Day’ and announce the launch of their Award-winning Online Safety Product designed especially for the kids. 

In order to develop and provide the teachers, parents, and kids of this digital world with something new & advance as well as to guide them with proper online safety tips, every year a lot of precious time and skills are donated by McAfee employees. And the users’ faith on McAfee makes the developers cover more area and keep on moving further. For instance – have a look on the reports of ‘McAfee’s Bletchley Park partnership help in England’, where the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton have opened the Cybersecurity Exhibition Zone of McAfee in the year 2014. As reported – this time also near about 200 students have participated in the education sessions executed by McAfee on the ‘Safer Internet Day’.

Now the users have a question – what’s there in the re-launched program of McAfee? Because of holding an improved design and advanced features developed by a team of certified engineers, scientists, researchers, etc., this program has made a great place in the hearts of millions. This product is specially designed to safeguard the digital world from a wide range of latest emerging threats that incorporates cyber threats, social-media privacy, spam phishing, geo-targeting, etc.  

To meet the urgent requirement of inspiring the upcoming generation of cybersecurity champions, McAfee’s Online Safety Program for children incorporates Education-Based Modules along with focusing on role modeling & exposure. This will build a great confidence in the kids of both genders, be it a girl or boy – the one can confidently clear their queries & gain the essential information regarding a career in threat researching, engineering, data science, etc. The experts who are here to serve the kids have real cybersecurity heroes and have expertise in delivering information about not only the career paths but also the benefits related to working in cyber protection environment.     

We are also proud to describe that McAfee has selected and trained near about 7,000 employees worldwide to focus on providing cybersecurity training for the kids on their Annual Global Community Service Day. 

A warm thanks to all McAfee employees who work hard and put more and more efforts to achieve their goal of building a safe digital world. A request to all the users that help this excellent security provider in achieving its aim by investing in McAfee security products, be it the Online Safety Program for Kids or Antivirus or Total Protection or any other product.    

Interested in making the safe digital environment around you, then join us by getting and installing the utmost McAfee Security on your gadgets, which can be a laptop, smartphone, tablet, desktop PC or any other computing or mobile device. If want any type of information regarding the new updates/ existing features of any of the McAfee Security products, call the toll-free

You can also contact if having queries associated with any of the processes like installation of the antivirus software, uninstallation of the already installed security suite, renewal of your existing protection shield. The certified McAfee Antivirus Support team will provide you with instant answers in accordance to your questions. The reliable McAfee Support professionals are always happy to help you, therefore available for all 24x7 hours of the day for the entire year.      


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