Learn to Disable the Compatibility Mode & Install the Norton Product?

With the increasing concern of keeping the technical devices safe from rapidly advancing threats, Norton Antivirus has become the most preferred security software because of its smart performance and advanced features. The premium range of Norton Antivirus, Internet security, Security Deluxe, Virus Protection, Security Standard, and Norton 360 have achieved a good place in the heart of millions of customers worldwide. The security products incorporate the ability to prevent several types of devices that its clients are using from coming in contact with malware, maliciously infected websites, and files including risks. Whether you are a kid, teen, man or woman, Norton Antivirus security has a large number of protection features to meet the requirements of all.        


However, this antivirus security software is enriched with a lot of smart features and techniques still provide no surety of being completely free from technical glitches. There are a large number of technical errors that the users can encounter while running this antivirus program, some are such as compatibility issue with the operating system of the device, errors during installation, reinstallation of the antivirus, technical glitches associated with Norton Antivirus Activation Key, the security software not detecting as well as removing the threats, the users may have lost their license subscription code, antivirus renewal interrupts in between, and many other. In order to deal with several kind of such issues, the users better consult expert Norton Technical Support professionals for the complete solution. Today, we are here to discuss and resolve such a technical issue where the users have to ‘Disable the Compatibility Mode & then install the Norton Security Product’. Follow the steps given below carefully, if you are also a victim of the same issue.          


Steps To Disable The Compatibility Mode:

 First of all the users are needed to right-click on the Norton software icon

  • After that, they are required to install and save the file that they have downloaded
  • Now they should proceed by clicking on the ‘Properties’ option
  • Here after reaching the Compatibility Mode, they must uncheck ‘Run this program’ option in the compatibility mode
  • Then move on with clicking on “Apply” & then “OK”
  • In this step, they need to double-click on the Norton install file
  • Now check for detecting if the issue has been resolved or not, if the issue continues, then run the Norton Remove & Reinstall Tool


Steps to Download and run the Norton Remove & Reinstall tool:

 Here first of all the users need to download the “Norton Remove” & “Reinstall tool” (NRnR)

  • Now they have to save the downloaded file to the Windows desktop
  • Users should press the Ctrl + J key, in order to open the “Downloads” window in your browser
  • They should double-click the “Norton Remove” & “Reinstall tool” (NRnR) icon
  • Here they have to proceed by following the instructions appearing on your screen
  • Then, simply click on “Continue or Remove”
  • Further click on “Restart Now” button

Once the computer restarts, the users should follow the instructions appearing on their system’s screen in order to reinstall the Norton security product. And if they want Norton Antivirus Technical Support experts’ help at any instance, from the first step of ‘disabling the compatibility mode’ to the last step of restarting the computer and reinstalling the antivirus, they are recommended to call us at toll-free Norton Customer Service Helpline Number – 1800-012-720. As by making a call on this number the users will come in contact with the certified experts that are committed to providing instant help and thus bring the best result out of their customers’ security software as well as maintain the device (laptop, personal computer, tablet, smart phones, etc.) to perform well for a longer period of time.

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